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From Recruitment to Retention: Why CRM is Key to Hiring Success

Hiring “correctly” has everything to do with how well your growth teams adapt to your CRM and other systems. Getting people to use the tools and systems you have selected remains an enormous challenge for most businesses. For those executives that are well down complacency boulevard, still expecting a barely used CRM to deliver a forecast that is true and accurate, take the next exit ramp.


For over ten years I have heard it all. From “No one uses our CRM,” “Using a CRM doubles my workload,” “The CRM is worthless” or “We don’t make Suzie use it because she is so successful.”  The list goes on, and yet when you ask any business investor, their interest goes up when they can verify consistent, historical growth. The money guys have an innate ability to detect whether your team is used to functioning at a high energy, high accuracy level or not. I would estimate that 80% of deployed CRMs are rarely used. My question is: who continues to pay for anything today that no one is using?


So, what does hiring have to do with CRM adoption? Everything! Have you noticed how hard it is to find real talent today? Talent that can, within a brief period, take the reins and drive their portion of success?  Ask any recruiter responsible for hiring direct sales, business development or account management players, it is extremely hard to make successful placements, so much so that many recruiters must give a guarantee. It is a revolving door.

If it isn't in the CRM, It didn't happen!

It never fails to amaze me that after the intense interview process that most new employees go through, once hired there seems to be a complete failure to continue in guiding them to success. Why? Because most growth team leaders don't have a proven success path to share, which includes things like day one expected activity, primary targets, value proposition, a professional presentation, the recipe for a proper forecast. When interviewed many prospective targets share that they did not do business because the sales rep was not organized in their process and follow-up. That is the CRM, folks!


Much of the hiring today circles around finding someone with a pulse and begging them to come aboard. Oh, you will never admit it, but it is true. You will offer a salary, a laptop, sometimes a list of targets that is 5 years old and point at the CRM and say, “go get them!” You assume that they will KNOW what to do and how to do it! This is your first mistake and a revolving door recipe. It is way more common than you might think and this is why your team does not use your CRM.


Think of it this way, if I were to ask you “What processes within your business growth teams demonstrate scalable, repeatable results that you could train new recruits on, what would you say? If you are like most, you do not know nor could you explain it. Because your team functions as a bunch of individuals each following their own process with no visibility to what generates consistent success.


The formula for consistent growth and success lies in a CRM that fits your teams’ requirements and accommodates all the features that keep your team focused on their primary objectives. If you can define what must be done and can demonstrate the success path that delivers it, you can replicate it.


Imagine if you can, a completely different interview process. One that puts you in control and gives you the ability to choose from the best of the best candidates! Sharing what drives success instead of “hoping” they brought success with them gives you great power. You can show the right candidates HOW to succeed, what tools to use, what process to follow and in most cases, you will attract a different breed of recruit. Because you can then tell them how much success pays and the definition of required activity will chase away the candidates that are not willing to fulfill activity requirements. By knowing your success formula and using the right CRM, you are set. Now you can manage, measure, and adjust your process to success. Pulling your team vs. pushing them to success is easier and typically appreciated by all.

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