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Why CRM and Marketing Automation are Better Together.jpegWhy CRM and Marketing Automation are Better Together

Posted on Aug 2nd, 2018

Your digital marketing strategy is only as great as your tools and strategies. But knowing which strategies and tools to integrate isn’t always clear-cut.

This is especially so when you have new trends developing each year. For example, CRM and marketing automation. These are two terms that are growing in popularity and for good reason – they both help to drive business and speed up growth.

So it makes sense to use the two together. But if you’re not convinced this is a good idea, then continue reading.

Let’s take a look at why you should use the two together.

Take Data Management to the Next Level

Your CRM collects data about your customers. It’s what helps your marketers and salespeople with making the right offers at the right time. And marketing automation tools can use the same data to perfect your digital marketing strategies.

Imagine having a single platform you use to handle all data management. This includes communication, contact, and other data being saved within one platform. This makes everything more organized and quicker to analyze for your marketing automation campaigns.

Boost Your Relationships with Customers

The purpose of both your CRM and marketing automation efforts is to strengthen your relationship with customers. Your CRM keeps track of your customer interactions and your marketing automation tools pave a way for interacting with your customers in a meaningful way.

Without a CRM, it can get confusing knowing what happens after you reach out to customers with your marketing automation tools. It will help keep track of everything so it doesn’t get confusing. The better your insights, the easier it’ll be to convert patrons into loyal customers.

Create Synergy Between Sales and Marketing

If there’s anything for certain, it’s that your sales and marketing teams have the same goal – to convert prospects and sell more products or services. Both teams need the same customer data to meet their goals.

For instance, by integrating your CRM and marketing automation, your salespeople will be able to see where customers are in the buying journey and make the right offers. Then your marketing team can see what type of inquiries and purchases customers made in the past to create highly-targeted automation campaigns.

Create Better Reports

There’s no doubt that technology greatly improves business growth. And this is exactly what you see in companies that implement CRM platforms and marketing automation techniques.

Reports are very important for brands to make the right decisions for their lead generation and customer retention. By combining the data obtained from marketing automation and CRMs your employees can create reports that are more accurate.

The higher the accuracy the easier it becomes to convert and retain.

CRM and Marketing Automation is Key

As you see, these reasons alone make CRM and marketing automation essential to your business’s growth. The integration of the two isn’t difficult to do with the help of an expert. And once you do, you’ll reap the rewards.

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