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5 Benefits of Marketing Automation That You Should Take Advantage Of.jpg5 Benefits of Marketing Automation That You Should Take Advantage Of

Posted on Jul 11th, 2018

Your company is understaffed, underfunded, and overworked. What do you do to solve these issues and become the company you’ve always envisioned?

The key to doing more with less (and enjoying better marketing and sales) is marketing automation. It’s important that you understand some of the key ways automation could benefit you and your company.

Keep reading to learn five of the key benefits of marketing automation!

1. Save Time

The oldest business line in the book happens to be “time is money.” However, it’s still true after all these years, and marketing automation is an amazing way to save time.

Fundamentally, saving time is one of the key marketing automation benefits. Being able to automate things like customer e-mails and social media posts and even client appointments will save several hours each week.

And each of those hours is one that you or your staff can use to focus on the company. This means you’re becoming a more efficient company even as you save time!

2. Better Personalization

Why do you think customers walk away from special offers and enticing e-mails? More often than not, it’s because the offer or message seems cold and impersonal.

Ironically, marketing automation is great for making marketing feel personal once again. You can create different segments of customers and then tailor different advertisements and even entire campaigns towards specific groups.

This leads to higher engagement and improved sales. It’s also an investment in the future, as rising demographics such as Millennials care more about a personal touch than previous demographics.

3. Improved Consumer Experience

The consumer benefits of marketing automation are not limited to personalized marketing. Automation done right also means an improved consumer experience.

Instead of getting random junk e-mail, for instance, you can set specific triggers where customers only get certain e-mails after taking certain actions (such as looking at particular products).

This means that you can target your most persuasive marketing to customers who are already interested, creating a “win/win” for business and consumer!

4. Extending Your Reach

Earlier, we talked about how automating different aspects of marketing could save time. However, it can also vastly extend the reach of your company’s marketing.

After you have set up templates and segmented customers, the automation takes care of the rest. This means, for instance, sending out far more e-mails than any of your staff could ever send out manually.

In this way, you can have it all: create personalized ad campaigns even while growing your consumer base!

5. Lets You See the Big Picture

So far, we have focused on the smaller individual benefits of marketing automation. However, these benefits add up and let you see the “big picture” like never before.

You can pair automation with CRMs and other analytic software to evaluate marketing effectiveness, KPI success, and so on. This lets you see trends as they emerge as well as adapt to changing customer needs.

Ultimately, marketing automation will let you leave your competition far, far behind!

Benefits of Marketing Automation: The Bottom Line

You know how the benefits of marketing automation can help your company out. But do you know where to find the best automation software?

At FunnelMaker, we offer a complete CRM toolbox for you and your company. To see how we can take your business to the next level, reach out and contact us today!