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It’s the perfect CRM for integrating your business marketing with sales, operations to finance, and everything in between.


Everything you need to close deals, catch opportunities, optimize your team and increase revenue. In one system.

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  • Automatic Sales Tracking: We keep our CRM simple for sales teams to use, incorporating automated sales tracking, call transcriptions and easy pipeline management to keep your team on track.
  • Pipeline and Opportunity Management: Not all sales opportunities are created equal. Customize and keep track of your prospects and customers with lead scoring and endless segmentation, and keep the sales cycle tight.
  • Lead Scoring: Assign values to opportunities and leads based on customizable rules. Score leads and sort them by score to prioritize your sales tasks accordingly.
  • (New) Visit Feature: Want to visit a contact? Plan a trip right from the contact record– schedule a flight, rental car and hotel stay in their area.
  • Document Signature: Our system lets you easily distribute contracts and get online signatures.
  • Predictive Analytics: FunnelMaker CRM offers predictive analytics that evaluate the best services for your customers’ latest actions, email opens, page visits and purchases.


A full spectrum of marketing automation tools help you work smarter, get more done, and reach more people online.

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  • Email Marketing: + Design and Send Segmented, Automated or Personal Emails. Our built-in IMAP email integration, email automation and drip campaign tools and comprehensive email analytics include design templates and drag-and-drop design features, making us an email powerhouse to be reckoned with.
  • Real time Analytics: Take a look at your top performing content and track what your contacts are seeing, the moment they’re seeing it. You can easily check their contact record to see the latest emails they’ve opened
  • Web and Email Tracking: Our easy drag-and-drop email builder makes designing email marketing templates a cinch. If your coders want to build templates or individual emails from scratch, they can do that to.


Ticketing, project management and even webmaster tools make it easy to coordinate teams and track results, online and off.

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  • Ticketing and Project Management: Easily create and dictate tasks to team members according to set rules or randomized assignment, so you can match your best segments to the best team members for the job.
  • Integrations: + Easy import/export features and integration with Quickbooks, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Magento, Evernote, WordPress, Olark Web Chat and more.
  • E-learning: Turn your training materials or processes into easy onboarding courses. You can even assign your new employees a proctor and deliver a certificate of completion once they’re done!
  • Easy Invoicing and Payment: Give your accounting team a complete view of ad spending, contracts, projects and tickets to make you’re your budgets is right on track.
  • Secure User Access Controls: Customize what every team and individual can do and see within FunnelMaker to keep information and functions secure.

Everything in One

  • Customizable Dashboard: See the activity of your clients and prospects right on your dashboard, alongside all the most important metrics and updates for your group. Customize every team’s dashboard to keep their essential KPI’s top-of-mind.
  • Free, 24/7 Email Support: Our unique CRM is here to offer support whenever you have a question. Unlike other CRMs– we won’t charge you for it.
  • Small Business to Enterprise-Level Customizability: Build as many filters and campaigns as you like, and set it all up according to your unique needs. Or have us set it up for you. We’ll support your business from top to bottom as you grow.

See how our all-in-one software, backed by the best support in the industry, turns your business into a revenue and profitability growth machine

Save over 90% total cost of ownership with Funnelmaker's CRM, while bringing your sales, marketing, and operations teams together.

With over 17 years of experience and clients in over 40 countries, our proven technology was built around what you need. Our focus on user-friendly design, flexible setup, and powerful tools puts you light years ahead of your competition.

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