Customer Relationship Management System

The Most Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Offered In The Market For Small Business

Close more deals and boost your bottom line

Customer Relationship Management System, commonly known as CRM, is a critical part of every business. FunnelMaker's online customer relationship management software is your one-stop-shop for managing business interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.

This starts with our robust contact records which have the ability to record any custom data about your contacts, extending out to lead scoring, workflows and other essential features that will assist the entire team in targeting the appropriate contacts at the right time.

Our platform is designed to organize and automate all of your processes for customer engagement and tracking. This includes information about customers, browsing history, email interaction, social media activity, and any other trackable data, which is accessible at all times, from anywhere.

FunnelMaker is the ultimate solution in the customer relationship management system for small businesses.


Engage And Grow Your Business With CRM Software

A few powerful tools of customer relationship management at your fingertips with FunnelMaker's Complete CRM:

  • Unlimited User-Defined Fields and Custom Objects - Store your data in whatever structure you need, and control access to it for complete security. Customize layouts, rules, and data entry methods. It's easy, convenient, and flexible to meet your most complex data demands.
  • Contacts Research - - Free instant data appending with the click of a button. Our interface with our data providers makes it easy for you to take existing contact and company data and fill in the blanks with up-to-date, accurate information.
  • Lead Scoring - Strike while the iron is hot. Identify the leads and customers that have the greatest value to you with a single, powerful, fully customizable lead scoring system. We support demographic and activity lead scoring, so you get the best picture of each of the contacts and companies in your CRM.
  • Marketing Automation - Your CRM works directly with tools to save you time and ties in to your storefront, analytics, forms, and more. All automated workflows have real-time access to CRM data and can incorporate any rules you can imagine. We even work with Zapier to make it easy for you to access third party software.
  • Workflows - Set up sequences that assign activities to contacts and send emails automatically. Workflows can send alerts, change CRM data, send emails, SMS messages, and even requests to off-network services.
  • Instant Feedback from Email, Mobile, and More - The FunnelMaker CRM shows you real-time information about your contacts, wherever they are.
  • Built-in IMAP Email Integration - Keep your CRM in sync with your inbox automatically! It works just like your smartphone to keep up with your one-to-one email communication. No more need to remind your team to click "Add to CRM" buttons in their email clients!
  • Keep Track of Payments - Send invoices and track payments from your clients. FunnelMaker supports 17 different currencies and integrates with Paypal and Authorize.net.
  • Sales Pipeline Management System -Sales Pipeline Management System - Track your leads from start to finish with our sales pipeline graphics and manager. Manage opportunities in a simple drag-and-drop interface, and customize the marketing CRM software to track exactly how you sell.
  • Track Emails and Surveys - Log every email read, clicked, forwarded, and unsubscribed. With FunnelMaker's built-in powerful email marketing system, your contacts can subscribe to newsletters, join membership groups, and update their profiles with the fields you allow them to. Since FunnelMaker also includes a drag-and-drop survey builder, those responses are also stored in your CRM automatically.
  • Track Website Visitors - Track the activity on your website from anyone in your customer management software, including tracking the date and time, webpage visiting, length of time on each page, and even what browser they were using.
  • Phone Integration - Add click-to-call, inbound call handling, SMS/MMS texting, and more, all integrated automatically with your CRM software.
  • Automatic Document Management - Manage electronic signatures and build them into your workflows, making it a snap to generate proposals, collaborate on agreements, and execute contracts.
  • Predictive Analytics - See what causes your contacts to purchase from you and predict who is likely to take action next. By combining demographic and activity data, you can easily see at a glance who your hottest leads are.

A new breed of intelligent CRM Software

With FunnelMaker, you can build your database and manage your contacts all from one easy-to-use, online customer relationship management software solution. CRM tools help you keep track of all interactions with each contact, including emails sent, events attended, and any notes you want to take. Create as many custom user-defined fields for each contact as you would like.

With FunnelMaker, you can automatically connect your inbox to your client relationship management system with our IMAP integration. Creating a client relationship can be the most important tool for your sales team. Integrating CRM into your targeted email marketing campaigns will allow you to identify potential leads. By tracking these leads, your sales team will be able to quickly and efficiently move them through the sales funnel.

FunnalMaker’s innovative integration which is CRM marketing automation provides you with a sales and marketing tool that is as powerful and smart as your process. It’s simply the best customer relationship management system available.

Some of the benefits include boosting lead generation, improving services and increasing sales. Create specific and targeted messages to your leads by combining CRM data with your email marketing. By placing the right message in front of the right lead, the probability of converting leads into sales substantially rises. Your CRM solution will enable your sales team to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to upsell products and services to current customers.