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3 Benefits of Having an Integrated Marketing Campaign.jpeg3 Benefits of Having an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Posted on Jul 27th, 2018

Customers are looking not only for great products, but also for great services as well. An integrated marketing campaign will be the difference between an average and an amazing customer experience. Unfortunately, companies are falling short because of a segmented business approach.

In a 2016 survey, only 44 percent of respondents said they had an integrated marketing system. This means the rest were not as efficient as they could have been. They probably had to spend more money to boost their performance or productivity.

Most importantly, though, the quality of the customer’s experience is sure to suffer. This is because different segments of the company won’t be sharing data with each other. Moreover, it will be harder to innovate if no one knows what other departments are doing.

Keep reading to learn how an integrated marketing approach can make a difference.

Benefits of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Marketing plans help small businesses capitalize on selling opportunities. These plans analyze the environment and create ways of targeting customers. Even so, these plans may fail if they are not based on an integrated marketing strategy.

Here are three benefits you can get from an integrated marketing campaign:

1. It Brings Consistency

In the business world, being consistent earns a customer’s trust. Many companies struggle with their marketing because their messages clash. Customers see one message here and a different message there. This leads to confusion and uncertainty about buying.

Moreover, unclear and incoherent messaging makes your company look disorganized. That does not bode well for your sales.

With an integrated marketing plan, your messaging will be clearer, relevant, and consistent. It will show customers what you want them to focus on. For example, you can make them focus on new product announcements or a call to buy something.

2. It Streamlines Your Approach

Unplanned marketing is inefficient and ineffective as a business approach. Integrated marketing fixes this by streamlining your approach across multiple channels. You will have a uniform message, which, in turn, reinforces your company’s goals.

Plus, every employee will understand their role because of the company-wide communications. All the client and targeting information will be available through the CRM system. This ensures the customer receives consistent service no matter who is serving them.

Integrated marketing also shows where most customers are getting their information. Are they focusing more on online or offline messages? Are they active on social media? Which platforms are they using the most?

With this feedback, you can tailor your message to where it will be most effective.

3. Saving Money

Any company that doesn’t manage its cash flow is bound to fail. Few things can use up cash flow money than a poor marketing plan. Thus, your every step must be productive and cost-effective.

Using an integrated marketing strategy can save you money in redesigning marketing collaterals. It can also save money on poor ad or messaging placements.

Learn More About CRM Marketing Automation

An integrated marketing campaign pools all your company’s abilities into satisfying your customers. You are able to measure the effectiveness of your processes and the performance. Plus, you can track customer satisfaction. You can use it to find solutions for common customer complaints.

Contact us to learn more about CRM marketing automation.