Best Contact Management Software Solutions

icon Even the best contact management software solutions struggle with low user adoption percentages. Today every employee has more than enough to do on a daily basis, compounded with the real-time demand for instant answers and results, getting someone to log every email, phone call and client interaction with full comprehensive details is almost impossible.

When asked about the quality of data captured inside their CRM solution, hundreds of executives responded with “non-existent” and “low quality” descriptors as the top two answers to the question.

The old school expectation for a CRM user to just sit at their desk and keystroke their life away, simply doesn’t happen anymore. Today’s face paced workforce doesn’t have the time for such outdated, manual practices.

Contact management software users often work in the sales or marketing departments and getting these two departments to communicate with each other is difficult at best. Sales want everything yesterday and marketing wants to study something for a year before acting. The best contact management software provides complete visibility between these users thus building the necessary bridge between both departments.

Many contact management solutions just offer a basic contact manager and if you want to add any marketing automation or workflows you have to upgrade or bolt-on additional apps. Even some of the big boys like have bolt-on apps and anyone wanting to upgrade can plan on spending a pretty penny to bolt marketing features to the CRM.

FunnelMaker is a comprehensive sales and marketing solution. Ninety percent of what most people want in a CRM is already built in, eliminating expensive surprises when you believe its time to turn on your marketing processes. That’s right, there are hundreds of capabilities built right in to even the basic subscription package.

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