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5 Most Important Notes to Take After a Sales Call.jpg5 Most Important Notes to Take After a Sales Call

Posted on Jul 17th, 2018

In his book, New Rules of Sales Enablement, author Jeff Ernst reported that sales reps can spend up to 65 percent of their time preparing post-sales call notes. This figure is alarming because it means that the sales rep is spending over half their time doing tasks other than making phone calls, closing deals or visiting leads in the field.

Integrated Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems are valuable tools for providing a central location for pertinent data regarding your company’s customers But if the initial input is unhelpful, then your chances for a streamlined sales process are at risk.

Sales call notes don’t need to be complicated. The best sales notes are the ones that contain only the essentials of the customer transaction. Consider these sales note practices to help you build a CRM that’s specific and relevant.

Sales Call Notes-Write This Down

These critical note tips can help you keep track of your most valuable customers and point the way to future business with them as well.

Time and Date of Calls

Record the time and date of your phone calls with each customer. This will help you remind your customer of your last conversation as well as track the need for any follow-up. Keeping record of the date and time of your customer calls also helps keep your sales manager updated during your status meetings.

Actionable Follow-up Tasks

Make a note of any actionable tasks your customer requested to remind yourself to get them done. These tasks may include referrals or additional information that the customer might have asked you to send their way.

Business or Personal Information About Your Customer

Keep a record of each contact’s position in the company. Making a note of this will keep you informed on your client’s direct reporting structure as well as who the decision-makers are.

Take notes on personal information your client shares with you such as hobbies, pets or birthdays. You can use this information to strengthen your personal relationships with them. They’ll remember (and appreciate) that you sent them a birthday card or acknowledged that their favorite pro football team won the Super Bowl.

Record Employment Changes for Your Contacts

Don’t forget to note when your previous contacts move on to new companies. They may have been a frontline marketing service rep with their previous company when you first met. If they’re now the Director of Marketing with a new company, you already have a foundation for trust and a head start to bring in new customers to your business.

Prospective Future Sales Information

This information includes all the quirky, unusual comments that may come up during your sales calls. These comments might tip you off to where their actual needs are or whether they’re ready to buy. It’s also a good way to build historical data on your client and what their future needs may be in case a new sales rep takes over in the future.

Next Steps

If you are a sales manager, sit down with your team to discuss the importance of sales call notes and the role they play in building optimize customer relations and increase prospect interaction. Remind them to transfer their sales notes at the end of every workday to the applicable customer’s CRM file. Share an easy system of symbols that they can use to highlight pertinent facts or actions.

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