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Top 5 Best Marketing Tools for Automated Marketing.jpegTop 5 Best Marketing Tools for Automated Marketing

Posted on Aug 4th, 2018

In 2018, over $200 billion was spent in media marketing and advertising. This number is only expected to grow, reaching over $250 billion by 2021.

Marketing is an essential task and skill for any business wishing to grow in the United States.

Thankfully, you can rely less and less on your marketing skill set. Automation has reached the marketing sector and there are a myriad of tools at your disposal.

Keep reading to learn the top 5 best marketing tools for your automated marketing campaign.

What is Automated Marketing?

Automated marketing utilizes software platforms and technologies to market online. The tools allow you to reach multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks so your marketing budget can go further.

The benefits of automated marketing include lower costs, minimization of human error, higher productivity, and boosts in revenue. When you spend less time on repetitive marketing tasks, you can instead focus on growing and improving your business.

5 Best Marketing Tools for Automated Marketing

Here, we’ll share the 5 best marketing tools for automated marketing.

1. Automated Emails

At this point, nearly everyone has an email address. So what better way to reach customers than directly in their inbox? Certain tools allow you to send segmented, automated or even personal emails directly to potential or loyal customers.

There are several platforms that allow you to send anywhere between 1,000 to 12,000 emails a month, and others where you can send up to 200,000 emails a month!

2. Analytics

Analytics are incredibly important in marketing. You want to know what works and what doesn’t. To grow your business, finding a platform that tracks website, email, and marketing analytics is vital.

It will show you where your website traffic is coming from, what customers are interested in, and how long they read/browse. Analytics should help you build the foundation of your marketing campaign and can highlight your top-performing content.

3. Mobile Marketing

Just like an email address, nearly everyone has some form of mobile device. Because of this fact, mobile marketing is a growing trend. Mobile marketing is an automated tool that reaches audiences on smartphones and tablets via websites, email, SMS, social media, and even apps.

Succinct, eye-catching mobile ads are a great way to reach more customers.

4. Social Media

Automated marketing can allow you to schedule a time for a social media post, and sends reminders when someone on social media mentions your brand. This allows you to post, tweet, and even respond to customers directly.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing allows your website or business to appear at the top of search engines due to posting relevant, informational content.

A growing trend is SEO marketing, where publishing answers or articles on popular topics make your website or blog appear at the top of search engines.

Final Thoughts

Automated marketing can help you reach more people than ever. The technology from automated marketing platforms allows you to directly reach customers and can save you time and boost sales.

To start reaching more customers, check out the 5 best marketing tools for automated marketing mentioned above.

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