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Bombarded with so much consumer data, business owners are facing an increasingly intricate business atmosphere. When customer data is mishandled, not only does the sales process suffer but so does the client relationship. How can one face these challenges while also building an excellent customer rapport?

Integrated CRM Business Systems Enhances Customer Relations

How easy is it to keep track of diverse conversations and engagements regarding a single client using multiple business systems? An integrated CRM provides a location for centralized pertinent data regarding your customers, thus enabling you to optimize customer relations. No more, back and forth between platforms, searching for your customer’s information, history of marketing efforts, purchases and more.

Integrating CRM and automated marketing tools allows both your sales and marketing teams to benefit from real-time statistical data such as:

·       Email Drip-Campaigns (reads, video views, downloaded content)

·       Phone Call Management (recording/transcription, call history)

·       Web page Interactions (number of clicks, pages viewed and more)

·       Workflow Activity (automated actions to enhance customer experience)

·       Events (calendar activity, scheduling, sign-up forms)

·       Social Media Interaction

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     It Creates A Personalized Customer Experience

When you integrate your marketing automation system with your CRM’s detailed customer data, it can, not only address clients by name, but also note a birthday, (offering a specialized discount), preferred products (personalize a purchase suggestion), or other important information you define. This information can also be used for rewarding existing customers and targeting potential leads.

It Increases Ability without Increasing Costs

All your client information in one database gives you a better view of how your business is performing, allowing you to maximize your current team’s performance without adding manpower costs to your bottom-line.

Integrated CRM systems save you time, having one location from which you may quickly retrieve information. It saves you money, as fewer team members are needed to update and maintain the database, entering data just once, enabling quick and easy access for those who are authorized and protecting the integrity of your client’s information.

It Connects Your Management and Sales Teams

Project management integration makes critical information visible across your company. It connects management with the sales team giving them a complete view of the customer’s interactions with your organization. Working together more effectively, improves the relationship and morale of your entire team!

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