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Does Your Small Business Need a CRM?

“We use spreadsheets to keep track of our contacts.” “Our weekly meetings help our team stay connected.” “Our business is small and we ‘’manage” well enough.” If you’ve ever said any of the above or something similar, you should consider thinking “bigger.”

Small business owners can benefit greatly by using relationship management tools to boost business and build their customer base. FunnelMaker CRM is one such tool. Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s not what you know, but who you know that matters?” It’s true! Building connections in business is the difference between thriving and dying. 

Building relationships in the professional marketplace is essential, but when not done efficiently, it can take too much time and effort and waste precious resources. Using a CRM can streamline these efforts as it allows businesses to manage all of their relationships, corresponding data, and interactions within one system.

Keeping Track of Interactions

A good CRM stores every detail, all emails, phone calls, and meetings. Being able to refer back to this information is especially helpful when you try to accurately recall interactions with clients that might have taken place some time ago. You can also attach important documents, such as contracts, to each contact to keep track of them. No more rifling through packed file drawers or searching the computer desktop! 

Information At Your Fingertips 

Your contact’s pertinent information can be accessible to all employees within the company or just a select few. Details can be added and updated by teammates with access and all interactions are trackable. Your management team determines which employees and departments have access to clients. This eliminates confusion and keeps the whole team up-to-date at all times. Improving your customer interactions creates a happier satisfied client!


Room to Grow

A centralized database saves time and makes it easier to keep everyone on the same page. Some new businesses fail because they can’t satisfy customer needs quickly and efficiently. By using a relationship management tool such as FunnelMaker CRM, your organization will become more efficient and be able to concentrate on growing. 


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