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Why Workflows

One of the struggles of small to medium size companies is that they do not have the team or talent to execute repetitive tasks with consistency and accuracy. Automating your business processes, especially those associated to lead generation and business growth, empowers your organization to increase the velocity of those things that are most positive. Many CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and FunnelMaker have workflow capabilities and options. FunnelMaker offers completely integrated marketing automation and workflows for an exceptional monthly fee which requires no contract.

Workflows automate repetitive tasks or a series of steps that lead to the completion of a task. FunnelMaker software uses workflows to set up sequences that assign activities to contacts and automate emails. The creator of the workflow defines which steps are taken, when each step has been completed, and when the next one may begin, assuring consistency and accuracy.

Effective Communication

Most of us have experienced the consequences of the lack of effective communication in the workplace. This can lead to reduced productivity, stress-induced time off and is often shared as a reason for leaving a former position. The automatic actions executed by a well-designed workflow remove the need to perform mundane, repetitive tasks and assures the continuity of daily processes. Workflows never forget, they do not go on vacation, and provide the consistency factor businesses need. Less hand-holding is needed as roles can be designated to specific team members requiring managers only a quick glance for updates. Knowing one’s role, enables them to work more efficiently and to collaborate effectively with other members of the team.

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The Bottom Line

Using workflows allows for the identification of poorly planned processes and for the elimination of errors which may affect your bottom line. Once input correctly, data remains consistent and secure. Since many tasks are done automatically, it may also reduce administrative labor costs and streamline the processes performed by a smaller and more efficient team. The sooner you implement “scalable, repeatable” processes, the sooner you can produce and enjoy a sales forecast delivering strong, accurate results. As your team focuses on more important tasks, watch their productivity increase!

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