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What Is Automation in Marketing and How Does It Work.jpgWhat Is Automation in Marketing and How Does It Work?

Posted on Jul 23rd, 2018

You may have heard of marketing automation before, but are unsure of how it works or the benefits that it can provide to a business.

Marketing automation is the process of using a software to automate and simplify tasks that would take a human being a great deal of time and effort. These tasks can vary from email campaigns to social media posts.

Marketing automation can have huge benefits for a business. Businesses that use the right marketing automation strategies can expect increased sales, organization, and max efficiency. A study found that automation could increase sales productivity by 14.5%.

But how exactly does automation work, and why can it produce such great results? if you’re still wondering “what is automation?”, read on. We’ll walk you through exactly how the automation process works and how it can deliver great results for your business.

How Does Marketing Automation Work

In the broadest sense, automation involves submitting data and rules into a software system.

The data that one submits into an automation process will likely vary by business. Very commonly, this data is the contact info of current or potential clients. Sometimes it may be information like their address, age, or birthdate. A good example of an automated task would be a business sending a greeting and coupon to each customer on their birthday. The system is given contact info and a list of birthdates and would take care of the rest on its own.

Other helpful automated tasks may include automated reply emails or sending weekly newsletters. They can also include personalized recommendations, social media posts, and much more.

You can see how instructing the system to do these sorts of tasks can save a business loads of time and mental stress. It can make a business more efficient at every level.

Can Automated Marketing Work For You?

There is a common misconception that only large companies should use large-scale automation. It’s true that large companies with huge clientele rely on marketing automation to manage their large target audience. But in some ways, automated marketing can be even more helpful for a smaller or local business.

Small businesses likely already have their owners and employees juggling many responsibilities. Marketing automation can follow up on leads and garner new customers that small business owners might not have had the time to pursue on their own.

Software automation can give small businesses the chance to ditch repetitive administrative work. This allows time to focus more on expanding their business profile. Time is always the most valuable resource for a burgeoning company. Automated marketing can produce that resource like nothing else.

What Is Automation Doing For You

Marketing automation can provide more impact, freedom, customers, and sales for a business. It can give its employees more time to focus on what they love. It’s one of the most powerful tools available in today’s small business toolbox.

So what is automation doing for you? Check out Funnelmaker’s many features and see how an automated software could change your business today.