Automate your Magento eCommerce with Funnelmaker

Do you use Magento for your ecommerce? If so, take your ecommerce even further with the new Funnelmaker-Magento integration. We have now made it even easier to streamline your sales and marketing efforts.

Feature highlights and user benefits:

  • Import Magento store items and item categories into Funnelmaker
  • Import Magento customers into Funnelmaker
  • Import Magento orders to Funnelmaker
  • Configure Magento to send items, item categories, customer data and order data to Funnelmaker when subsequent orders are taken from Magento
  • Orders can trigger workflows and events in Funnelmaker such as emails and drip campaigns

Use marketing automation to build loyal customers

The ability to trigger email campaigns increases efficiency and productivity, while greatly enhancing the customer experience. Now ecommerce businesses using Magento and Funnelmaker can streamline their follow up, as well as track customer orders within the CRM. This allows you to, again, gain a more holistic view of the customer, their needs, and ensures more personalized follow up and future engagements.