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HubSpot Email Marketing Software

Two powerful platforms, but only one clear choice. FunnelMaker has all the functionality of Hubspot and more. Our advanced sales tools set us apart from other integrated business software. With sales, marketing and operations combined, no other platforms offer small business tools that make you productive, successful and don’t break the bank. Unlike Hubspot, your CRM and marketing automation tools are already completely integrated, limiting any additional, time consuming work. FunnelMaker also comes fully stacked with a ticketing platform, so you can actively track and manage your customer service efforts right from within the platform.

FunnelMaker believes in providing you long-term value without trapping you in a long-term contract. This is why all of our contracts are month-to-month, rather than locking you into a system that may not be able to accomplish everything you need it to do. We believe in building partnerships based on trust and your success, and we think that's what you want too.

Feature FunnelMaker Hubspot
Setup Fee $399 Account Set Up (includes 3 hours with Client Services Team and a Success Coach) Starts at $600
Price (based on 5,000 contacts) $249/month $800/month + $50/1000 contacts
Free Trial Included Included
Monthly Emails Unlimited 10x contact level tier
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Included Available through integration
Lead / Opportunity Management and Tracking Included Included, but requires extra CRM integration
Lead Scoring Includes scoring demographics, custom fields, and activities (email, website, forms, tickets, etc.) Included, but requires extra CRM integration
Predictive Analytics Included Not Available
Realtime Alerts Included Limited (only webpage visits), requires CRM integration
Realtime Social Collaboration Included Not Available
Email Targeting Included Included
Email Tracking Included Included
Email Templates Included Included but with limited customization
Surveys Included Available through integration
Media File Sharing & Storage Included Included, but no tracking for generated links and link library
Event Registration Included Not Available
Project Management Included Not Available
Accounting / Financials Included, with invoices and quotes, and with built-in payment processing Not Available
Ticketing System Included Not Available
Public & Private Wiki Tools Included Not Available
Integrated Social Media Manager Included Included with CRM Integration
Website Tracking with Campaign Filtering Included, and with CRM integration Included with CRM Integration
Website / Landing Page Builder Included, also allows for personalized webpages, includes SEO tools Included, but cannot be personalized and migrating your website is $10/page
Free SSL with Websites Included Included
Online Stores / Shopping Cart Abandonment Includes automation based on purchases or abandonment, and in-depth reporting Included
Lead Capture / Web Forms Included, with auto-responders, logic, automatic contact research, progressive profiling, and CRM integration Included, limited CRM integration
Blogging Tools Included Included, but not personalized to webpage visitors
CRM and Marketing Workflows Included Not Available
Booking Calendar Included Not Available
Contact Research Included Not Available
Mobile Marketing $1.20 phone number/month

1.2 cents/SMS and 3 cents/MMS

Included inbound call manager with text-to-speech, caller recognition and CRM integration

Included click-to-call with automatic CRM integration

Opt-in available through SMS if not already in the CRM and capabilities to market on responses

SMS and MMS messaging included for sending text messages or picture messages
Available through integration
Mobile App Included Included
Rank in Indepedent Red Pill Email Marketing Study #1 Did Not Qualify
Lead Risk Assessment for Tickets and Forms Included Not Available
Click-to-Call Capability Included Included
Print on Demand Included Included
Free Third-Party Integrations Included Included
Campaign and Affiliate Tracking Included Included
A/B Testing Included Included
Learning Management System (LMS) Included Not Available
Drag and Drop Marketing Automation Builder Included Not Available
Global Action Map Included Not Available
Privacy Shield Included Included
Document Management Included Included
Digital Document Signing Yes, and also third party integration Only through 3rd party integration
Proposal Generation Tools Included Only through 3rd party integration
Custom Objects Included Not Available