CRM Pricing Guide

On average, FunnelMaker users save 80% total cost of ownership compared to other CRM and marketing software solutions, while increasing revenue by 75% in 12 months. Who doesn't want that?



1,000 Contacts

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Emails

Basic Level



3,000 Contacts

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Emails

Basic Level



5,000 Contacts

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Emails

Basic Level



7,500 Contacts

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Emails

Basic Level



10,000 Contacts

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Emails

Basic Level



25,000 Contacts

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Emails

Basic Level

Ultimate *


50,000 Contacts

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Emails

Basic Level

*Pricing includes Basic Level Support - Next Level Support is available at an additional cost.

Onboarding • Dialing & Voice Transcription • Virtual Leadership

Five Star Onboarding
Ala Cart At Sign Up
$899.00 $599.00

FunnelMaker's setup and onboarding includes:

  1. Implement Group Strategy
  2. Add custom user-defined fields
  3. Guide/Assist Contact Import Process**
  4. Validate Domain DKIM/SPF
  5. Set up CRM Activities
  6. Invite Users to Create Login
  7. Workflow Strategy
  8. Setup Call Management/Phone Tree/Transcription
  9. Create Signature Templates
  10. Create 80% Email Template
  11. Assign Default (Personal) Email
  12. Instruct client how to activate IMAP for each shared access user
  13. Validate Website
  14. Send Website Tracking Code
  15. Set Web Weighted Page Values
  16. Set Lead Scoring
  17. Setup Opportunity Phases and Timelines
  18. Setup Opportunity Product Types
  19. Setup Opportunity Sources
  20. Schedule additional Online Training Sessions to complete onboarding within 30 days
  21. Complete Onboarding Survey – 5 stars!!!!!

Fully Operational in 1 month – Non Refundable

Phone Call Voice Transcription

One of the hardest things to do is to capture phone call notes. With FunnelMaker Click-to-Dial capabilities, you’ll capture 100% of phone call notes 100% of the time automatically, inbound or out. You can add this capability two ways, by the package (below) or pay by the minute.

Minute Packages - Each Phone Line $1.25-$3.50 per month.

  • 5,000 Minutes Per Month $125.00
  • 7,000 Minutes Per Month $175.00
  • 9,000 Minutes Per Month $225.00

No Package - Pay As You Go

Should you want to just pay as you go (per minute) you’ll just pay pennies per minute ranging from 1.2 cents to 4.5 cents per minute based on your choice of numbers. Toll free numbers are on the higher side.


In the US sending and receiving SMS messages cost from 2.0 to 3.5 cents each. Sending or receiving MMS messages cost 3.0 to 4.5 cents each. FunnelMaker sends 20 messages per second to abide by carrier requirements. International rates are higher.

SMS, MMS or PHONE CALL costs do vary based on country, carrier and duration.

Virtual VP Sales & Marketing Leadership

FunnelMaker is all about your success. We offer a team and tools approach. Should your company be missing one the necessary leaders in driving your CRM -Sales initiative, FunnelMaker has you covered!

With our virtual VP of Sales program we can drop into your company instant leadership that most business owners only dream of.

The great news is your virtual FunnelMaker VP of Sales leader comes fully prepared to take the reins to lead your sales and marketing processes. Pricing below above is a per month fee.

6 month minimum term paid each month non-refundable. This program can be adjusted to include sales strategy & pre-launch consulting as well.

Web Chat to CRM

Small team? Big team? Just-right team? Whether you have one dedicated chat agent or want your entire company to log in, we've got you covered. We can place web chat on almost any website.

Programs Begin at $29 Per Month And Up.

Marketing Ala-Cart Support Programs

Admin & Design & Special Projects
Ala Cart At Sign Up
$1475.00 $975.00
Level 1

This Level-1 marketing support program includes the Level-2 Program and Special Projects. The design capabilities do not include a logo design/brand creation. Special projects can include strategy sessions, integration and coding.

Up to 10 hours per month.

Admin & Design
Ala Cart At Sign Up
$875.00 $675.00
Level 2

This Level-2 marketing support program includes the Level-3 admin program and adds design capabilities.. The design capabilities does not include a logo design session.

Up to 8 hours per month.

Ala Cart At Sign Up
$575.00 $375.00
Level 3

There can be a lot to manage in a system like FunnelMaker. This Level-3 marketing support program offers an extremely affordable option for ongoing admin support.

Up to 6 hours per month.

All Marketing Ala-Cart Support Programs provide a maximum number of monthly hours and a 6 month minimum term. Each month any overage hours will be billed in that month @ $149.00/hour. Training and Strategy Sessions are available and billed @ $149.00/hour.

The subscription pricing model above includes a reasonable and normal level of user support which typically averages around one to two tickets (or email requests) per month*, per account. Should your business require a consistent level of support that is higher than normal, we want to help. For higher levels of support, we charge a minimum additional monthly fee of $599.00 which covers an additional 4 tickets or email support requests per month. More than 6 support requests per month will incur a $149.00 per support request fee. In the case of enterprise level support requirements, (10 or more consistent monthly support tickets or email requests) a minimum of $1500.00 and up to $3000.00 per month will be added to the monthly subscription fee.

*Additional support fees are not assessed during the 30-day onboarding period.

*Clients requiring a Canadian Server may incur additional fees

Each SMS, MMS & PHONE CALL costs vary based on country, carrier and duration. Sending and receiving SMS messages in the US costs approximately 1.6 to 3.2 cents each. Sending MMS messages costs 3 to 6 cents per message. Each phone number you purchase costs $1.00 to $3.00 per month. Inbound and outbound US calls cost 1.5 to 3 cents/minute. International and/or toll-free numbers may cost slightly more (e.g., receiving calls on a toll-free number in the US costs 4.5 cents/minute). Sending SMS messages within the UK is 4.0 to 8.0 US cents per message (be cognizant of exchange rates to translate to GBP).

HIPAA requirements require additional fees and costs that are associated with process and system requirements.

FunnelMaker provides a very comprehensive, extremely affordable enterprise capable CRM solution, and as such should any client "subscriber" entity require FunnelMaker to join any type of organization, such as a GPO, CO-OP or become a business partner, etc., to do business, any fees whatsoever upfront or ongoing, the client "subscriber" hereby agrees that all fees charged in such manner will be automatically passed to or charged to the client "subscriber" entity in full in the same exact amounts and manner in which they're charged to FunnelMaker. Each situation will be handled individually, however should any monthly fees be required of FunnelMaker from such entities FunnelMaker will require those amounts to be paid in full to FunnelMaker prior to their due date with said entities.

VIP Services

At FunnelMaker, we always go the extra mile.
We have special VIP Services just in case you want a little extra attention.

Let Us Do The Work For You

We work with you every step of the way to build a strong and successful Complete CRM and Marketing Automation strategy. Everything from website design to SEO optimzation, we want to help your brand reach its highest potential!

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