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Workflow Manager Can Help To Automate Your Business

Automate your business with workflows by FunnelMaker

Save time and get more done when you implement workflows into your sales and marketing strategies. A workflow is a series of activities that are triggered and completed consecutively over time. They help make you more efficient and provide the lead and/or customer with a consistent experience no matter what.

FunnelMaker’s workflow manager empowers you to build both simple and complex workflows to help implement specific business processes and help you and your team stay organized and on top of follow ups, projects, and tasks. The workflow manager also provides tracking to see which workflows have been activated the most over a specified time range. Workflows help automate your business, so you can focus on what you do best.


Trigger workflows for seamless sales and marketing execution.

Workflows can be triggered in a number of ways including clicks, website pages visited, social interactions, signup forms, lead scoring, and much more.

Workflows are a power tool for any part of your business, no matter what the task. For example, set up follow up workflows


Features and benefits of FunnelMaker’s Workflow manager:

  • Assign different activities within a workflow to anyone on your team
  • Track workflows to see when they were triggered and who triggered them
  • Limit the times a workflow can be triggered in one day
  • Set up hot lead and cold lead automation to keep leads and customers engaged
  • Set up social interactions for your marketing team and never miss a chance to respond or reply
  • Improve lead nurturing with workflows based on conversions, clicks, videos watched and more. Create a consistent user experience with sales, marketing and operations workflows