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Track Website Visitors And Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Website's Performance With FunnelMaker

Build and track your professional websites and landing pages with FunnelMaker and the new


Website tracking gives you valuable information about how people are engaging with your website. You want your website to attract, convert, and provide visitors with the content they are looking for in an easy to navigate and highly digestible format. Understanding your site’s performance is key to optimizing your visitors’ website experience.

Benefits of Website Tracking:

  • View how many visitors are visiting your site monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly
  • Find out which of your known contacts (contacts in your CRM) are perusing your website
  • Get real time notifications when a lead or contact is actively searching your site
  • Find out who your top referrers are – where is your traffic coming from?
  • Gain valuable insights into your customers, including the highest performing content and/pages

Measure interest and engagement

Along with website tracking, you can also assign scores to web pages. For example, if a contact visits your pricing page, this might receive a higher score - as they are actively interested in your product and price shopping, whereas a person visiting your careers page will get a lower score since they probably aren’t a viable lead to convert.


In FunnelMaker’s website tracking, you also have the following capabilities:

  • Tracking conversions
  • Viewing your funnels based on different conversion codes
  • Triggering automation based on website visits, a visitor being stuck at a conversion stage, abandoning their shopping cart, and more

Conversion tracking is critical to your campaign success. How many people sign up on your website are actually convert into paying customers? The ability to track this information gives you the power to update and revise your marketing and sales strategies as needed to ensure the majority of your leads convert at the bottom.


Test to perfect

A/B testing is another great feature FunnelMaker offers. A/B testing allows you to test out two different versions of the same landing page or webpage. Which page converts more? What content performs better? This type of information, again, is critical in optimizing your strategy.


Easy to start

To start tracking your websites, you have the following options:

  • Build your website and landing pages in FunnelMaker
  • Embed our tracking code onto every page you want tracked on your own website
  • If you website is powered by WordPress, simply download the FunnelMaker plugin and start tracking immediately.