Defining Complete CRM

Build Amazing Websites With FunnelMaker's Website Builder

Your website is your online headquarters and helps you inform, educate and engage your leads and clients. A website in the foundation for any digital marketing strategy. FunnelMaker’s website builder lets you design and publish a fully functional website.

Your business, your design.

Select your template, customize your logos, colors, layout, and widgets. Once you have the design in place, you can add as many pages as needed. The sky’s the limit. When you build your website with FunnelMaker, your website is automatically tracked and you will receive real time analytics and notifications for people clicking or visiting your site.


Bring in leads with landing pages

Using the website creator along with the drag and drop EasyBuilder, you can design a professional, customized landing pages for all of your campaigns. Quickly create landing pages and microsites using FunnelMaker’s EasyBuilder, and efficiently manage them all within our content management system. Any ‘non web designer’ can manage their website with ease. No HTML experience necessary! In fact, we use our own CMS to manage all of our content and campaign landing pages.


Personalize content on any webpage

Build webpages personalized to the person visiting the page! Because our analytics package keeps track of people in your Contacts/CRM database, we can create content specific for your contacts. Use a simple name placeholder like "Welcome, Mary" or our more complex dynamic placeholders (e.g., "if contact's State is California, put the California article here").


Use FunnelMaker on your website to dynamically show contact's CRM information

Free SSL Security

An SSL certificate is the cornerstone to making your website secure. We are proud to offer free SSL security for all custom domain websites set up in FunnelMaker. Making your website secure ensures that your customer's credit cards and personal information are protected when they visit your e-commerce site. SSL certificates promote a trusted brand with the usage of visible browser security lock.

With FunnelMaker, you can save approximately $79/year and get a feature that is rarely offered elsewhere!

Sell more with an online storefront

Sell anything you want (well, anything legal) through your easy-to-configure website store. FunnelMaker integrates with Paypal and Authorize.net so you can have your store up and running in minutes. Put items into categories, set up marketing automation, set goals, and keep a complete transaction log. You can even sell downloadable items like whitepapers. It's all here for you.

Selling your products has never been easier and our e-commerce solution can help you! Shopping Cart Abandonment Tracking makes it simple for you to understand how your customers use your site and enables you to adjust accordingly.


Easily pull reports from your online store

Identify hot prospects when they visit your site

When you put all of your contacts into FunnelMaker you can see if one of your prospects is returning to a particular page. This allows your sales team to send more information or follow up with a phone call to close the sale.


Target your hot leads with personalized automatic messages

If you see that a prospect is checking out a certain product or service multiple times, you can create a targeted email for their needs. By specifically talking about a certain product or service features and benefits, you are routing them through the sales funnel.

Perfect your campaigns and website pages with A/B testing

Instantly see which of your campaigns and landing pages are the highest converters! Compare total pageviews, the time on pages, conversion values, and more all in a single, easy-to-understand view. Data is everything. Use it.


Create an engaged audience

With FunnelMaker, it's easy to create an ideal customer experience. With just a couple clicks, you can add your signup forms, trackable videos, weather widgets, sliding images, and even an interactive Google Map.