Defining Complete CRM

Split Testing For Improving Results

A large part of a marketer’s job is testing your strategies and marketing initiatives. With FunnelMaker’s Campaign Optimizer tool, you can test various versions of all of your email campaigns to ensure you are receiving the absolute best results based on your customized lead scoring. The Campaign Optimizer is perfect for split testing different subject lines, graphics, the layout of content, or any other features in your email templates. Create your varied email templates, and let FunnelMaker handle the testing.


Test up to 5 different versions of your email and only send to a pre-specified percentage of your contact list. After those tests have been sent, Campaign Optimizer will automatically send the rest of your contacts the best performing version of your email, based on your personalized lead scoring. Lead scoring makes it simple for you to prioritize clicks of certain URLs (such as call to action buttons), opening the email, or other relevant metrics. FunnelMaker simplifies another complex marketing function with a straightforward, powerful tool built for you.