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Streamline And Simplify With Powerful Email Marketing Automation Platform

Automate your customers down the best path

Marketing automation with FunnelMaker starts by establishing the customer journeys your customers take from awareness to conversion. FunnelMaker Journeys is your ticket to creating the paths that your customers will frequently take when interacting with your business. Developing effective business processes, integrating both sales and marketing efforts has never been so intuitive. Using the drag and drop builder, you can easily build out customer journeys, that take into account both action and inaction from the lead or customer. Personalize your journeys based on how the person interacts with your activities, including emails, follow ups, and so forth. Create Journeys for marketing campaigns, sales tasks, and other areas that would benefit your business to automate your intricate road maps.

Of the best marketing automation platforms available, FunnelMaker leads the pack with a unique combination of CRM, comprehensive communication tracking, and deep dive analytics.


Save time and drive your success with FunnelMaker marketing automation tools

Marketers who invest in marketing automation stay competitive, bring in more leads, and help develop longer-lasting relationships with their clients. A good strategy uses email marketing automation software, like FunnelMaker, to automate the marketing and sales process. It helps you collect and integrate important data, manage your campaigns, and successfully segment your contact lists for increased personalization. Marketing automation will help you streamline your workflows and tasks, so you can grow revenue faster.

Deliver a better customer experience

FunnelMaker marketing automation tools help businesses engage and drive leads down the sales funnel. Successful marketing automation helps you streamline your marketing efforts to keep them consistent and ensures no marketing task gets left behind. It helps establish a fluid process for all of your leads and clients, so every contact shares the same positive experience with your brand.

Increase contact engagement

Triggered emails get 6-10 times more engagement. From drip campaigns to social media, keeping your contacts engaged whether they are a new lead or a loyal customer is critical in building your brand strength and awareness. Staying top-of-mind isn’t always easy with so much competition, but FunnelMaker makes it simple.

Our automation tools are easily set up in your forms, websites, videos, and more. To make things even easier, use FunnelMaker visualization tool to graphically view all of your marketing activities, so you can see all of your comprehensive communications at a glance.

FunnelMaker is the ultimate in marketing automation for small business.


See graphically how your marketing automation is designed

Automate your campaigns and trigger actions based on audience behavior. Connect marketing and sales by triggering sales follow ups when a lead downloads a whitepaper or actively engages with content on your website. FunnelMaker helps bury the silos, and makes collaboration between your sales and marketing teams a seamless endeavor.

Activate workflows using a wide range of triggers including: forms, website visits, clicking a link in an email, watching a video, purchasing an item and much more. Your team has never been so efficient.

Marketing automation vs. email service providers

There is a big difference between an email service provider (e.g., Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, etc) and a software like FunnelMaker that allows for true marketing automation. ESPs focus on simple newsletter building, sending, and tracking. In business, it's known as "batch and blast," and the most common side effect is that it doesn't have any direct or measurable impact on sales or success.

FunnelMaker is not just a marketing automation provider. We go above and beyond our competitors to make sure your marketing strategy is directly connected to your CRM, helping your sales and marketing teams to drive revenue.

FunnelMaker integrated solution brings your communication to another level. You still get all of the newsletter building, sending, and tracking tools, with the added power that comes from FunnelMaker marketing automation and multi-channel marketing methods (post-click tracking, landing pages, automatic CRM integration, mobile messaging, etc).


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