Defining Complete CRM

Lead Scoring

Predict and ensure success when you actively score your leads

Identifying which leads bring you the greatest value is why having an integrated lead scoring tool built into your CRM is so important. You no longer have to guess which leads are hot and most likely to convert, FunnelMaker provides you with this data! Assign scores and track both demographic and activity based data so your salespeople know which of your leads are actively engaging with your brand. With lead scoring, you are more productive resulting in better sales and overall revenue.


Take your lead scoring one step further with automation. Set up both Hot and Cold lead automation, and trigger workflows when a lead hits or falls below a certain point threshold. This is a great tool for making sure no lead slips through the cracks.

At FunnelMaker, we simplify a lot of things for you, and this is another place where harnessing our tools will save you time and money while helping you bring in the clients and revenue you deserve. With a simple interface to customize your contacts' key data fields and actions, you can easily see who is ready for your next sale. You no longer have to guess who is the best candidate for a personal email or phone call - it's all there for you to see in FunnelMaker! Use CRM and marketing automation to actively score leads and gauge their interest.


Because FunnelMaker's intelligent CRM (and therefore our automation tools) are integrated, you can measure the impact of contact data combined with activity data (for example, website visits, email reads or clicks, or support tickets). All of this information is no longer something to be feared - we collate it all for you in a meaningful way that affects your top and bottom line!