Defining Complete CRM


Take Command of your Process

Quickly define a customer journey from start to end with Journeys. FunnelMaker Journeys feature is not solely about automating your daily workflow, but also about gaining a keener insight into the path your customers take through your processes. A visual roadmap is crucial to understanding the time it takes to move through your process, identifying unwanted gaps or glaring mistakes, among many other important aspects. With Journeys, you gain an intelligent personal assistant that automatically monitors and transitions contacts to the right action at the right time. The Journeys feature empowers your team to accomplish all of this in an easy-to-use and feature rich environment.


Automation Powerhouse

Journeys combine automation and customization to deliver powerful productivity for your team. Journeys can trigger workflows and emails in your account across a linear process for your contacts. Of course, the features don't stop there. In between the start and stop points are a plethora of ways to automate and simplify your process:

  • Actions are used to send out an email or trigger a workflow at any given point in your process. Actions are the lifeline of your Journey.
  • Decisions are the fork in the road for your Journey. Decisions create logic in your Journey by sending customers down different paths depending on their contact data or what they did in previous actions. For example, you can setup a decision based on if someone read the previous email in the Journey.
  • Delays pass time in your Journey. Delays are useful for giving an ample amount of time for your customer to read an email, click a link, perform an action, etc.
  • Stops are the most ideal way to end a Journey for a customer. Stops ensure that you can track each person to an end point to make sure they made it down their separate paths.

Share your Journeys

Share your successful Journeys with other people by importing and exporting! If you are a consultant or business developer, exporting your tried and true FunnelMaker Journey will empower you to share or sell it to other users who are in need of world class Journeys. Importing Journeys gives you the ability to survey what has worked for other businesses, and apply the same tactics to your own. Your teams need fresh tactics, and now you'll have an endless supply by connecting with other users and sharing ideas.

Tracking Progress

After you set up your journeys in the builder area, you're now all set to track the progress of each contact within their contact record. From here, you can see which step your contact has progressed to, while also being able to skip them to the end of your journey. Clicking to view their current progress in the journey brings up an animated window that recaps the current route they have taken in the journey and where they will be headed.