Defining Complete CRM

Drag And Drop Your Way To Stunning Email Templates And Landing Pages

Easily create, customize, and put into action designs that work for your brand with FunnelMaker's EasyBuilder

When it comes to your emails and landing pages, one size does not fit all. Templates, design, and layout are all critical pieces that add to the big picture of your brand.
NO HTML Necessary!


Some email platforms limit you to basic and unappealing layouts, while other platforms require extensive HTML knowledge. Luckily with the Email EasyBuilder, FunnelMaker accommodates all types of businesses and entrepreneurs, no HTML experience required.

With the easy-to-use drag-and-drop Easy Builder, you can create beautifully customized email templates that fit your business branding and content needs. Save time by placing content, images, and widgets with a simple click and drag. Save money by not having to hire any design professionals – EasyBuilder makes you the design professional.

Your brand, your look.

We understand how important it is to properly brand your business. We give you the tools to successfully showcase your brand in a professional and customized way. The FunnelMaker email marketing feature and landing page designer are the perfect tools to help you generate leads, engage your contacts, and drive conversions.

Working on the go? The FunnelMaker EasyBuilder goes with you wherever you do. Now you can drag and drop your way to beautiful templates using your iPad or tablet.