Defining Complete CRM

Automate Your Marketing By Utilizing Drip Campaigns

Automated emails

A drip campaign is a series of emails that are automatically sent out over a certain timeframe. Drip campaigns are a powerful marketing automation tool helping you engage contacts, drive conversions, and save you time and money by relieving manual processes.

The goals of drip marketing:

  • Educate leads and current customers
  • Build and maintain awareness of your company
  • Convert trials into paid clients and customers
  • Actively engage leads and customers
  • Develop ongoing relationships

It is important to continuously develop your relationship with your client. To do this, you must obtain as much information about them as possible. Drip campaigns are actually a great way to gather this information. With CTAs, downloads, links to forms, and full drip campaign tracking, you gain valuable knowledge about your most qualified leads. Knowledge is power. Automation helps give you this power.


Drip campaigns for lead nurturing

Drip campaigns are great for providing informational content about your business, your team, your services, and more. From lead nurturing to onboarding or just staying in touch, FunnelMaker let’s you setup multiple drip campaigns so you can segment, drive leads down your sales funnel, and keep your contacts engaged with your brand.

To effectively nurture leads and consistently engage with customers and clients, a business must first invest in an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform. Technology, in conjunction with your content and overall strategy, allows a business to successfully educate, inspire, and convert.

Setup your drip campaigns to create a completely customized customer experience. Create your templates, personalize the content, and establish the schedule in which they are sent out. You can also automatically drop people in and out of campaigns based on how they engage with your messages.

More benefits of drip marketing:

  • Streamlines and standardizes the sales process
  • Automates the sales processes, therefore saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Educates and engages leads, as well as current clients and customers
  • Keeps your brand on relevant
  • Delivers analytics letting you know what works and what doesn’t