Collaborative Wiki

Organize your information with FunnelMaker’s wiki

Centralize important information and encourage transparency within your organization with the FunnelMaker Wiki. FunnelMaker’s Wiki is ideal for your internal knowledge base as it allows you to store important information, resources, and any other materials you would like you team to access.

Information can be stored in a word document form. Each wiki article is easy to access and edit with the right granted permissions. Create and share as many articles as you want. This is the perfect tool for storing information relevant to your organization.

Instead of leaving FunnelMaker to access shared information, access it right from where you are already working, inside your FunnelMaker account!


Publish a Knowledge Base

Storing information for your customers is a snap with FunnelMaker. Build your external knowledge base just like you manage your internal information. Just mark the articles you want public, and we will build your pages and structure for you. It even includes a convenient search tool - all automatically made so your clients can quickly find what they are looking for.