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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Built-in IMAP Email Integration – Keep your CRM in synch with your inbox! Works just like your smart phone to keep up with your one-to-one email communication.
  • Keep Track of Payments – Send invoices and track payments from your clients.
  • Sales Pipeline Management System – Assign scores to your webpages to give them importance.
  • Track Website Visitors – Track the activity on your website from anyone in your CRM.
  • Much more!

With today’s bombardment of information, getting your message out successfully and tracking valuable client or prospect data has never been more important. Small business consultants will tell you that you should choose a CRM software that’s not just a laborious depository for keystrokes, but one that provides maximum marketing intel while automatically gathering real-time contact activity information.

Funnelmaker’s integrated CRM architecture was purposely built to eliminate unnecessary and repetitive processes while providing full visibility to sales of all outbound marketing communication and the messages that had the greatest impact with, and value for your clients.

All of the jumping back and forth between applications just to get a full picture of your market intel is no longer required! Funnelmaker is not just another CRM tool, it automatically captures and tracks everything so you gain the visibility to make smart decisions around your marketing execution plan.

Using Funnelmaker is like adding three trained professionals to your marketing team. This client management software works 24 hours a day monitoring all of your websites, videos, landing pages, emails, web forms and documents. Funnelmaker uses your web traffic results to automatically execute targeted email marketing, drip campaigns, workflows and auto-responders and then it tracks those results. As amazing as it might sound we’ve even integrated direct mail into our auto responder processes. When your contacts respond by opening, reading, forwarding or clicking on, your marketing communication, their activity is annotated within our CRM record. Funnelmaker is the only CRM software that creates leads for your sales team!

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